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Hannah International Foods is the culmination of a life-long dream of its founder, George Hanna.

George along with his Father and mother Ibrahim & Layla came to the USA from Lebanon they noticed there was no traditional Mediterranean Lebanese cuisine in the supermarkets. After noticing this they created a business plan to start manufacturing and selling Hommus and other Mediterranean foods into the grocery store chains that were available in Lebanon 

Together George and Ibrahim along with his brother founded Cedars Mediterranean Foods in the early 80’s and began introducing hommus and other Mediterranean specialties to retail. In 1992 with the success of Cedars, George Hanna decided to branch off and focus on club stores.

Hannah International Foods, Inc. was formed and began introducing larger size tubs and began with Price club and eventually Costco in 1993. George spent his time focusing on taking his Family recipes and building the category at Costco which includes Hommus, Taboule, Bruschetta and other health dips and salads. We continue to provide Costco with Mediterranean items to this day.

Innovation is the key to our success and longevity. Along with the start of Hommus we were one of the first to begin the Organic Hommus Singles in Costco. We launched our 2oz organic hummus singles and they began to take off in the regions that carried them. This is what is now the Kirkland brand singles.

Our innovation continues with new items that include: Trio Hommus, Labneh Yogurt cheese spreads, Organic Falafel, Hommus Topper Parfaits, Keto Hommus and Organic Chocolate Hommus. 

We continue to move forward with innovation and technology in our plants to become the leader in this category.

Our facilities information is as follows:

Seabrook NH

40,000 Square foot production facility

Ward Hill MA

91,000 square foot Distribution Center

89,000 square production Facility currently

125,000 square foot addition to be opened in August/Sept